What format are your graphics?

Doodles / Clip Art

Doodles, clip art illustrations and alphabets are individual png files (with a transparent background) supplied in a ZIP file. Clip art / doodles are generously sized to allow for larger scale hybrid projects!

Digital Papers

Digital papers are 12″x12″ jpg files, with the exception of the Sketchbook Pages range of papers that are png files to allow transparency along those lovely ripped edges! Consequently, the Sketchbook Pages (and any paper packs that contain similar papers) are large files and are supplied in two ZIP file downloads. 

Digital Stamps / Line Art

Digital Stamps / line art are supplied in three different formats: line art (black outline with transparent infill), digital stamp (line art with a white infill) and bold outline (line art with a white infill and a thicker outside line). All stamps are individual png files supplied in a ZIP file download.


Overlays are 12"x12" png files supplied in a ZIP file. 


The scrapbook templates for sale in the shop are supplied in three formats: PSD files, png files and Tiff files. Each file version is supplied in it's own zipped download file so you can just pick whichever works best for you! The free templates from the blog challenges are supplied in a ZIP file containing Tiff, PSD, png and page file formats. 

Craft activities and colouring pages

The printable craft activities are supplied in two different formats: a ZIP file containing individual jpg or png files, along with a ready-to-print PDF file. Free colouring pages and printables are supplied as PDF files.

All illustrations are 300 dpi files for superb print quality for your pages and projects! 

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