Can I use your illustrations in resources I create for my classroom?

You certainly can! You can use the illustrations (doodles, digital stamps, alphabets, papers, overlays etc), craft projects and free printables for your own personal crafting and for use in your classroom (in projects that are not shared, distributed for free or offered for sale) with no restrictions! 

Some examples of how you might like to use the illustrations for personal use are:
  • creating scrapbook pages, greetings cards, invitations, craft projects, posters and party decor for your own use
  • creating learning activities, worksheets, decorations, posters and printable projects for use in your own classroom
  • creating SMARTboard lessons and PowerPoint presentations for use in your own classroom

If you'd like to share the resources you create with other educators (either for free, or as paid resources), you'll need to follow the requirements and restrictions outlined in my Terms of Use. If you have any questions about usage, please get in touch. 

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