What software do I need to use your illustrations?


For digital scrapbooking and to resize and print my illustrations ready for use in hybrid crafts, I would recommend an image editing program such as Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adobe Photoshop or PaintShop Pro (all three offer free trial downloads of the software so you can try before you buy!). Other options for creating scrapbook layouts include any digital scrapbooking software that allows you to import or open jpg and png files. My scrapbook templates are supplied in various formats (PSD, Tiff, png and some page files) so you should be able to use them in most scrapbooking software. 

Teaching resources

To create educational resources, most of my teacher friends prefer to use Powerpoint or Keynote. Other options are InDesign, Pages and even Word (although Word doesn't always behave nicely when it comes to images and so is not recommended!). I would recommend using PowerPoint or Keynote unless you are familiar with another design program. 

Crafts & printables

If you're just looking to print craft projects or colouring pages there's no need for any extra software! All my craft projects are supplied as both a print-ready PDF and a ZIP file containing individual images so you can just print and go! Free colouring pages and printables are also supplied as PDF files for quick and easy printing. 

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